Under 9 Comets
Under 8s
Dan Farndell
Team Secretary
Alun Colliston
Henry Bryant
Max Mercer
Aiden Mahoney
William Hall
Jack Robinson
Harrison Underwood-Lea
Aryan Ghosh
Massimo Johnson
James Coull
James Muir
Wednesday 6:30-7:30
Match Report

3rd September 2017: Wideopen Comets v. Bedlington Predators

This was the Comets first game of season and they were away against Bedlington Predators in the 'Hufflepuff' pinpoint league. The game was played at Gallagher Park.

The Wideopen boys played very well and controlled possession nicely. At the end of the first quarter theWideopen boys were doing very well and conrolled most of the game. The Wideopen coach realised this and insisted that the boys worked on their formation and passed the ball around rather than going straight to goal at every opportunity. This demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and respect for the development of the other team.

Wideopen scorers: Jack, Massimo, Henry, William

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Bedlington FC Predators

Gallagher Park


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