Under 14 Warriors
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Billy Gibson
Isaac Douch
Thomas Lucarelli
Oliver Palmer
Eoghan Lloyd
Cameron Pears
Freddie Bookham
Alfie Turpin
James McGrath
Jonathan Wanley
Lewis Huggan
Scott Rosie
Umar Karim
Lewis Welling


Latest Match Report

25th March 2018: Wideopen warriuors v. Walbottle

The recent snow and rain finally gave way to some sunshine meaning we could finally get some football played. The pitch had recovered well although it was still a bit wet and soft in one of the corners.

Unfortunately, the Warriors already depleted squad was further impacted by 3 players being unavailable for the weekend leaving us with just 10 outfield players and no goal keeper. After some discussions during training, 2 volunteers agreed to step up and play a half each. In the first half, the goal would be protected by Cameron with Alfie stepping in for the second half.

As the game kicked off, it was immediately clear that the Warrior's were up for the challenge and that they weren't going to let the numerical disadvantage be the deciding factor in the game.  Both teams were creating chances but the Warriors midfield was winning most of the battles, restricting Walbottle to only a couple of shots on target. One of them looked like it was going in, only for a strong right hand from Cameron to stop the ball in its tracks. Walbottle then won a corner which somehow managed to curl in at the near post putting them 1 up.

The second half was much of the same with the back 4 of Eoghan, Jonny, James and Lewis doing a great job of protecting the goal. Behind them was Alfie who was coming out quickly to sweep up any danger that got past. Unfortunately, one clearance hit one of the onrushing Walbottle attackers and deflected back towards the goal giving them a tap in for 2-0.

As both teams started to tire, the space started to open up and Freddie and Umar, combining well with Isaac, started to create chances from the wings which the Warriors were unlucky not to score from. With the time almost up, Olly burst into the box with the ball and was chopped down. The referee awarded a penalty which Olly placed perfectly in the bottom corner to bring the score back to 1-2. It was pretty much the last kick of the game with the referee blowing his whistle soon after the restart. 

Opposition Man of the Match was awarded to Cameron.

Fixtures, Results & Reports
H / A
Comp. Result
07/09/17 (Th)
Cramlington Town Whites
Lockey Park
League 6 - 6
10/09/17 Morpeth Town Cougars A 11:00 Swinney Park, NE61 3AA League 6 - 0  
14/09/17 (Th) Newcastle East End Reds H 18:00 Lockey Park League 2 - 6  
17/09/17 North Shields Reds A 10:30 John Spence HS League 6 - 3  
01/10/17 Whitley Bay A 10:00 Foxhunters League 6 - 0  
08/10/17 no game            
15/10/17 no game            
22/10/17 no game            
29/10/17 Alnwick A 11:00 Greenfields, Alnwick League 6 - 1  
05/11/17 Blakelaw H 11:30 Lockey Park League 1 - 6  
12/11/17 Whickham H 10:00 Lockey Park League 0 - 3  
19/11/17 Cramlington Town Whites H 10:00 Lockey Park NEYD Cup 0 - 1  
26/11/17 Whitley Bay Sambas H 13:00 Lockey Park League 0 - 6  
03/12/17 no game            
10/12/17 Walbottle H 11:30 Lockey Park League pp  
17/12/17 Heaton Hawks A tbc tbc League pp  
07/01/18 Westmoor Juniors H 13:00 Lockey Park League pp  
14/01/18 Newcastle Westgate A 11:00 Trampoline Park, West Road League 6 - 3  
21/01/18 Whitley Bay FC Santos H 10:00 Lockey Park League pp  
28/01/18 Blyth Town Valencia H 10:00 Lockey Park Cup pp  
04/02/18 no game            
11/02/18 Cramlington United Jaguars H 10:00 Lockey Park League pp  
18/02/18 blackout weekend            
25/02/18 Cramlington United Jaguars H 10:00 Lockey Park League 1 - 1  
04/03/18 Westmoor Juniors A tbc Westmoor Community Centre League pp  
11/03/18 Newcastle Westgate H 10:00 Lockey Park League pp  
18/03/18 no game            
25/03/18 Walbottle H 10:00 Lockey Park League 1 - 2
01/04/18 no game            
08/04/18 Whitley Bay FC Santos A 9:30 Foxhunters Playing Fields League ff  
12/04/18 (Th) Cramlington United Jaguars A tbc tbc League pp  
15/04/18 Westmoor Juniors H 10:00 Lockey Park League pp  
18/04/18 (W) Seaton Delaval A 18:30 Blue Flames Sporting Club League 0 - 4  
22/04/18 Westmoor Juniors A 9:45 West Moor Community Centre, NE12 7NP League 5 - 1  
25/04/18 (W) Newcastle Westgate H 18:30 Lockey Park League 0 - 6  
29/04/18 no game            
02/05/18 (W) Heaton Hawk Kestrels A 18:30 tbc League 1 - 1  
06/05/18 Seaton Delaval Dynamoes H 10:00 Lockey Park League 2 - 2  
09/05/18 (W) Walbottle A 18:30 Walbottle Campus League 3 - 1  
15/05/18 (Tu) Whitley Bay A 18:30 Foxhunters Pavilion, NE29 9QB League 1 - 1  
20/05/18 Heaton Hawks H 11:30 Lockey Park League 2 - 6  
22/05/18 (Tu) Cramlington United A 18:30 Eastfield Playing Fields, NE23 2UA League 1 - 0  
- Westmoor Juniors A - - League A - W  
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