Under 13 Warriors
Graeme Searle
Team Secretary
Karen Coates
1. Jack Chadwick
2. Scott Coates
3. Josh Cuthbert
4. George Forrest
5. Harry Graves
6. Charlie Gregg
7. Jamie Howeth
8. Cameron Hunter
9. Ethan Searle
10. Joseph MacDonald
11. Fin Bell
12. Josh Coombs
13. Bruce Lawson
14. Edward Allenby
15. Daniel Armstrong
16. Ben Akister
17. Regan Turnbull

Monday 18:00 - 19:00


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Match Reports

3rd February 2018: Wideopen Warriors v. Forest Hall

A cold, wet, raining and miserable day saw us face Forest Hall at home. A depleted squad saw us having to compete with only 10 men against a side with 11 plus fresh legs as subs. Compete we did though and this was a very even game which easily could have gone either way. A surprise for Forest Hall who thought they would have a massive advantage with a full side.

Our boys worked extremely hard and played out of their skins today and we could have easily matched Forest Hall's couple of goals if we had had 11 players like them instead of 10 although you couldn't tell that was the case as our work rate was outstanding.

Forest Hall's final goal was inevitable in the last minute of the game as we had pushed all our players into the box to try and score from a corner.

This was a game where we felt proud and Forest Hall felt a bit disappointed as they couldn't walk this game . A superb effort today lads and well done Scott, Ben, Fin, Jack,Ethan, Regan, Cam, Jamie, Joey and Josh Coombs. Man of the match goes to each and every one of you.

Oh and Jack Chadwick - your goal line clearance was outstanding.

Fixtures (Saturdays unless otherwise shown)


Comp. Result
North Shields Blacks
Preston Playing Fields, NE30 2UD
League 2 - 6
11/09/17 (M) Whitley Bay Sporting Club A 18:30 Whitley Bay HS, NE25 9AS Cup 6 - 3
16/09/17 West Allotment Eagles H 11:30 Lockey Park League 6 - 0
23/09/17 Hexham Hornets A 11:30 Dukeshouse, NE46 1TP League 6 - 2
30/09/17 no game            
07/10/17 Tynemouth United Blues A 9:30 Norham High School, NE29 7BU League 3 - 3
14/10/17 Alnwick Town Adders H 11:00 Lockey Park League 6 - 1
21/10/17 Blackout Weekend            
28/10/17 no game            
04/11/17 Forest Hall Lions A 11:00 Palmersville Community Centre, NE12 9HW League 2 - 3
11/11/17 Hexham Hawks H 11:00 Lockey Park League 3 - 5
18/11/17 Hexham Hawks A 10:00 Dukeswood House, NE46 1TP League 4 - 1  
25/11/17 North Shields Blacks H 10:00 Lockey Park League 4 - 1
02/12/17 West Allotment A 9:30 Longbenton High School, NE12 8ER League pp  
09/12/17 Alnwick H 11:00 Lockey Park League pp  
16/12/17 no game            
23/12/17 no game            
30/12/17 no game            
06/01/18 Hexham Hornets H 10:00 Lockey Park League pp  
13/01/17 Tynemouth H 10:30 Lockey Park League 1 - 4  
20/01/18 Alnwick A 11:00 Greensfield Playing Fields, NE66 1BG League pp  
28/01/18 no game            
03/02/18 Forest Hall Lions H 12:00 Lockey Park League 0 - 3
10/02/18 North Shields A 10:00 Preston Playing Fields, NE30 2UD League pp  
17/02/18 Blackout Weekend            
24/02/18 West Allotment H 10:45 Lockey Park League 6 - 0  
03/03/18 no game            
10/03/18 Cramlington Town Blacks H 12:00 Lockey Park League pp  
18/03/18 Tynemouth A 11:00 Norham High School, NE29 7BU League pp  
24/03/18 Alnwick A tbc tbc League    
31/03/18 Blackout Weekend            
02/04/18 (M) Cramlington H tbc Lockey Park League    
07/04/18 no game            
14/04/18 Hexham Hawks A tbc tbc League    
21/04/18 Forest hall A tbc tbc Leagu    
28/04/18 Alnwick H tbc Lockey Park League    
05/05/18 Hexham Hornets A tbc tbc League    
08/05/18 (Tu) Tynemouth A tbc tbc League    
12/05/18 West Allotment A tbc tbc League    
19/05/18 Hexham Hornets H tbc Lockey Park League    
26/05/18 North Shields A tbc tbc League    
Christmas Party

The Warriors annual Kids v Parents Christmas match and food was enjoyed by all.

A slim 7-6 victory to the parents only this year. Watch out next year parents ? kids are coming for you , stronger and a year older.

Thank you to everyone and have a lovely Christmas. See you all in the new year.

Wideopen Warriors v. Hexham Hawks
U13 Warriors Squad 2017 / 178