John Harbottle MEd., BPhil., MSTO
Sports Therapist

Assessment - Treatment - Massage - Rehabilitation


  • Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy
  • Advanced Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage
  • Football Association Medical Education Centre Certificate in the Treatment of Injury
  • Football Association Medical Education Centre Intermediate Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injury
  • Member of the Sports Therapy Organisation
  • Football Association Emergency First Aid
  • First Aid at Work certificate
  • Football Association Safeguarding Children Certificate
  • Enhanced CRB

John Harbottle focuses on the assessment and treatment of sports injuries.

He has been associated with Wideopen Juniors since 1988 where he was Assistant Secretary for 13 years and he continues to support them in matters relating to fitness and injuries. Many players who were first treated by John during their playing career at Wideopen Juniors have continued to return to him for assessment and treatment when injured while playing senior football. Inevitably, through recommendations, this has lead to players from many local junior and senior clubs attending for assessment and treatment of injuries.

John has over 25 years involvement in rugby union:- as a player (including U19s England trials); as a referee; and as a coach of various levels including Potential England players from the Northern Counties. On an individual basis, he has participated in a wide range of sports including athletics, squash, badminton and tennis, and is a Level 1 Tennis Coach.

During 1995 / 96 John completed the Football Association Medical Education Centre Certificate and Intermediate Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injuries and has gone on to complete Advanced Diplomas in 'Sports Therapy' and in 'Sports & Remedial Massage' gaining Merits in both awards. He regularly assesses and treats injuries, including recommending rehabilitation programmes and working with injured athletes of all ages. John worked for the F. A. as a Medical Tutor for some time providing Emergency Aid training to football coaches.

John will provide you with experienced advice and recommendations. He will undertake an initial assessment and provide or recommend treatment. He is also keen to work with you throughout your rehabilitation programme, including fitness testing and return to initial training sessions and, ultimately, back to playing.

What to do if you are injured.

As a basic approach, immediate action after suffering an injury should follow the RICER procedure - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral. Take great care about any suggestion that you 'should run it off' if you suspect there is any chance of the injury being serious, as this will only make it worse and lengthen your recovery period.

For many injuries, RICE should be followed for a minimum of 48 hours. This may be extended to 72 hours in more serious cases. However, you should seek advice as soon as possible to confirm the best course of action - if in doubt, a visit to A&E may be appropriate.

If you wish to make arrangements to be assessed, speak to your manager who will provide John's contact details and more information about the arrangement between Wideopen Juniors / Seniors and himself. John operates on a private basis offering assessment, treatment and rehabilitation only to affiliated clubs and referred clients - this is not a public clinic.

Injury Assessment

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