Presentation Night 2007
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Dave Swan, Secretary

Paul Beattie U8s Manager

U8s Squad

U8s Penalty Shoot-out Trophy

U8s Most Improved Player

U8s Players' Player

U8s Managers' Player

U9s Squad

U9s Penalty Shoot-out

U9s Most Man of the Matches

U9s Most Improved Player

U9s Players' Player

U9s Managers' Player

U10s Squad

U10s Penalty shoot-out

U10s Most Man of the Matches

U10s Most Improved

U10s Players' Player

U10s Managers' Player

U11s Squad

U11s Managers and Sponsor

U11s presentation to managers

U11s Player of the Tournament

U11s Player of the Tournament

U11s Most Man of the Matches

U11s Most Improved Player

U11s Players' Player

U11s Managers' Player

Under 12s Squad

U12s Penalty Shoot-out Winner

U12s Most Man of Match Award

U12s Most Improved Player

U12s Players' Player

U12s Managers' Player

Girls U12s Squad

Girls U12s Penalty Shoot-out

Girls U12s Most Woman of the Matches

Girls U12s Most Improved Player

Girls U12s Players' Player

Girls U12s Managers' Player

U13s Wanderers Squad

U13s Wanderers Penalty Shoot-out

U13s Wanderers Most Man of the Matches

U13s Wanderers Most Improved Player

U13s Wanderers Players' Player

U13s Wanderers Managers' Player

U13s Warriors Squad

U13s Warriers Man of the Matches

U13s Warriors Most Improved Player

U13s Warriors Players' Player

U13s Warriors Managers' Player

Under 14s Squad

U14s Penalty Shoot-out Winner

U14s Most Man of the Matches

U14s Most Improved Player

U14s Players Player

U14s Managers Player

Girls U14s Squad

Girls - Polo top for Winning League

Girls - Certificate for Winning League

Girls U14s Penalty Shoot-out

Girls U14s Most Woman of the Matches

Girls U14s Most Improved Player

Golden Boot Award
throughout Mini Soccer

Girls U14s Players' Player

Girls U14s Managers' Player

U15s Inter Squad

U15s Inter Managers

U15s Inter Presentation to Managers

U15s Inter presentation to Les Ruffle

U15s Inter
Player of Tournament

U15s inter Most Man of the Matches

U15s Inter Most Improved Player

U15s Inter Players' Player

U15s Inter Managers' Player

U15s Squad

U15s Most Man of the Matches

U15s Players' Player

U15s Managers' Player

Under 16s Squad

U16s Managers
George Lowes & Mark Noble

U16s Presentation to Managers

U16s Most Man of the Matches

U16s Most Improved Player

U16s Players' Player

U16s Managers' Player

U19s Squad

U19s Most Man of the Matches

U19s Most Improved Player

U19s Players' Player

U19s Managers' Player

Best Fundraiser

Most Penalty Money raised
(Signed picture of Shay Given)

Golden Boot on behalf of Johnny Wilkinson

Winner of NUFC signed shirt

U8s Managers for 07 / 08

Sir Stanley Bailey Trophy

Sir Stanley Bailey Trophy