Wideopen Football Club - The Club Award

The Wideopen Football Club Award (The Stephen Thompson Foundation Award) is the club's highest award presented during the end of season Presentation Day. This prestigious award is given to a senior player based on a range of criteria including: Sportsmanship, Discipline, Team Work, Leadership, Pride, Challenge, Responsibility, Determination, Self-motivation, Positive Approach to Training, and Commitment to Wideopen Football Club.
It is a huge honour to be awarded this trophy and something that can and should be included on any CV and application.
Congratulations to you all.

The Stephen Thompson Foundation Award

Stephen Thompson played for Wideopen Juniors between 1996 and 1998. Sadly Stephen died in 2011 at the age of 34. His family and friends set up the Stephen Thompson Foundation and one the first acts of support the Foundation gave was to provide training equipment and this award to Wideopen FC in memory of the tremendous times Stephen and his family had at Wideopen FC.

Stephen Thompson Foundation Award

The Club Award 2015 - Jared Dowd
Jared Dowd
The Club Award 2016 - Matthew Casey and Connor Marley
Matthew Casey & Connor Marley

The Club Award 2017 - Ethan Hollywood and Joe Lane
Ethan Hollywood & Joe Lane

The Club Award 2012 - Jacob Matthews, Andrew Pearse & Louis Pratt
Jacob Matthews, Andrew Pearse & Louis Pratt
The Club Award 2013 - Daniel Hunter
Daniel Hunter

(accepted on his behalf by his team-mates)
The Club Award 2014 - Charlie Knight, Robbie Blake and Lewis Dickinson
Charlie Knight, Robbie Blake & Lewis Dickinson

The Sir Stanley Bailey Trophy

Sir Stanley Bailey, retired Chief Constable of Northumbria Police, supported Wideopen Football Club for many years. He regularly attended the Presentation Nights and personally awarded the trophy in his name. This trophy was awarded within the club from 1991 to 2011

Sir Stanley Bailey Trophy
The Club Award 2009 - Andrew Carling
Andrew Carling
The Club Award 2010 - Steven Bamford
Steven Bamford
The Club Award 2011 - Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham
The Club Award 2001 - Phil Grant
Phil Grant
The Club Award 2007 - Chris Sword
Chris Sword

The Club Award 2008 - Jack Noble & Bobby Fitzpatrick

Jack Noble & Bobby Fitzpatrick

The Club Award 1997 - Gregg Munro
Greg Munro
The Club Award 1998 - David Sutcliffe and Peter Carr
David Sutcliffe and Peter Carr
The Club Award 1999 - Paul Cockburn
Paul Cockburn